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Learnings from a few years helping customers to build and run cloud native platform using Azure Kubernetes Service

Over the past years, I have been working with customers to help them build and run a cloud native platform on top of Microsoft Azure using Kubernetes. I have learned a lot and I think this is a good time to write down and share all these learnings.

The following contains a lot of information about all the points I think are very important to discuss and think about if you are working on building a cloud native platform for your company. I have not gone into implementation details for this post but I made sure to include a lot of external links to make your life easier going deeper in every topic.

You can see this post as an accelerator or agenda of the architecture/design discussions you should have before starting your project.

Let’s start by understanding what is a cloud native platform.

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Run Azure DevOps self-hosted agents in Azure Container Instance using Terraform

Azure DevOps offers two kinds of pipeline agents: Microsoft-hosted agents, fully managed by Microsoft, and self-hosted agents. My team recently worked with a customer who needed to be able to run pipeline agents on their private virtual network infrastructure which is one of the use case for having to use self-hosted agents.

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How to manage implicit and explicit dependencies with Terraform?

Recentely, I and my colleague April have been struggling on an error that was happening randomly when calling terraform destroy on a Terraform module we were working on. You know, this kind of issue that first gives you a lot of satisfaction when you solve it, but then frustration because the solution is so simple that you are wondering why you spent so much time on it! Everything was about explicit and implicit dependencies between Terraform resources. Let me explain…

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Terraform on Microsoft Azure - Part 7: Continuous Deployment using Azure Pipeline

This blog post is part of the series about using Terraform on Microsoft Azure. In the previous article, I explained how to use Docker and Azure Pipeline to continuously integrate and tests Terraform infrastructure modules / deployments. In this new blog post, I will discuss about using Azure Pipeline to actually deploy the infrastructure continuously.

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Terraform on Microsoft Azure - Part 6: Continuous Integration using Docker and Azure Pipeline

This blog post is part of the series about using Terraform on Microsoft Azure. In the previous article, I detailled how you can use the Terratest framework to create and run Golang integration tests for your Terraform deployments. In this new part, I will discuss about automating these tests using Docker containers and Azure Pipeline.

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